Everly Eloise took a deep breath as she looked at the tall building before her.

She bit her lower lip and hesitated a bit before she dialed the unknown number on the screen of her phone.

[Hello, is this Miss Everly Eloise?] The female voice on the other side of the phone asked, and Everly proceeded to reply.

”Yes, this is Everly Eloise. ”

[I see. I presume you must be outside the building. [Please wait a few minutes; I will be down shortly.] The person spoke in a friendly tone and cut the call once she was done.

Everly brought the phone away from her ear and waited patiently.

A minute passed, and the gate to the huge mansion was pushed open.

She walked inside and strolled towards the front door that led into the mansion.

She reached out her finger to press the doorbell, but it opened before she could push it.

Her eyes shifted to the door, and her gaze fell on a young blonde lady with blue eyes, clad in a knee-length high-waisted skirt and a white blouse.

She was Delacy, the woman who had approached her with a job offer.

While she was scanning the young lady, the young lady, Delacy, was examining her as well.

Her stare shifted from Everlys long hair that reached her waist and stopped at her emerald-green eyes.

Her face lit up, and she couldn help but compliment her. ”You look beautiful. ”

Everlys eyes flickered, having not expected that, and an awkward smile spread across her face.

”Uh…thank you. ” She politely replied, and Delacy gestured into the house.

”Please come in. ” She stepped out of the way, and Everly ambled into the mansion.

Delacy shut the door and walked up to her.

”Follow me. ” She smiled at her, and Everly followed after her.

They proceeded into the living room, and the moment Everly glimpsed the enormous interior, her eyes couldn help but twinkle in awe.

”Wow… ” she exclaimed under her breath, unable to deny the fact that this white house was the most beautiful mansion she had ever seen.

The living room alone appeared to be… majestic.

She secretly let out a deep breath and shifted her gaze to the stairs when she heard unfamiliar footsteps.

”Good morning, Mr. Avalanzo. ” Delacy quickly greeted, and Everly, who was unable to believe the fact that she was meeting the wealthiest man i

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