He said in a hateful tone, and Everlys eyes widened in confusion.

She hadn expected to be fired before she even started working.

”W-w-why? ”

She asked, and unbothered, Valerio turned to his handyman, Alex.

”Get the car ready. ” He ordered him, and Alex nodded, before grabbing onto his hand and leading him out of the room.

Delacys eyes flapped, and knowing there was no better caregiver than Everly, she faces palmed herself with a scowl on her face.

”Ya! Are you always this sort of talkative and curious? Mr. Avalanzo really hates people like you, and thats why he fired you! ”

A stressed expression filled her face, and Everly, who realized the mistake she had just made, bit her bottom lip.

”Um…I am so- ”

”Forget it! ” Delacy waved her hand at her before she could even utter a word and hurried after Valerio.

”Mr. Avalanzo! Mr. Avalanzo! ”

She called out to him, and Valerio, who was about to enter the car, halted with an annoyed look on his face.

”What is it? ” He asked in frustration, and Delacy took a long, deep breath before proceeding to speak.

”Mr. Avalnzo, you can fire her. ” She said and Valerio turned around to face her.

”And why not? ” He questioned.

”Well, shes currently the only caregiver that can really take care of you and meet up with how you prefer things done. I know you hate people like her, but please give her a chance. Please, I beg you. Don just fire her like that. ”

She implored, and Valerio stayed silent for a few seconds.

”What is her age? ” He asked.

”Oh, shes twenty-five years old, ” Delacy answered, and he slightly nodded his head.

”Alright. ” He stepped into the car, and Alex shut the door.

A deep breath of relief fled Delacys nose, and she watched as the car rode out of the huge compound onto the road.

She turned around and strode back into the mansion.

She entered the living room and met Everly seated on the white couch with her arms wrapped around her.

”Hey! ”

Everly immediately lifted her head upon hearing her voice and quickly stood up from the couch.

”Am I really fired? ” She nervously asked, and Delacy shook her head at her.

”No. I managed to convince him to hire you back. Please follow me; let me show you around the house and the list of things you should and should not do. ”

She replied, and a soft smile spread across Everlys face.

She followed Delarcy, and they proceeded toward the elevator.

The elevator rode them up to the second floor, and once the door was pushed open, they walked out.

They ambled towards the first room they saw, and Delacy pushed the door open.

”This is his music room. Don ever step in here, especially when he is playing, understand? ” she said, and Everly nodded her head.

They went to the second, third, and fourth, and finally stopped at the fifth room.

”This is his private room. Please, whether by mistake or not, do not ever, I repeat, do not ever enter this room. No one has permission to go into this room except his personal bodyguard. ”

”I don even know how this room looks, even though I have been here for three years. The last person who entered out of curiosity was never seen again until today, so be careful. ”

”Mr. Avalanzo is not someone with whom you should joke, okay? ” She warned.

”I shouldn be saying this, but I have to alert you. Mr. Avalanzo is sort of a heartless person. Please don ever offend him, because I fear you might get into more trouble than you can imagine. Yes, you will be paid a lot, but its not going to be easy. ”

She reminded, and Everly, who couldn think of how bad it could be, slowly nodded.

”Well… Thank you for letting me know, but you need not worry. I will be fine. ” She half smiled at Delacy, and Delacy shrugged.

”Well, for the rest, here is a list. You have to wake up before him every morning to bring out his clothing, feed him, brush his hair, and do other things like that. ”

”Everything is on the list; just look at them before he arrives back in the evening. ”

”You can settle down in the seventh room. His room is the eighth one, so yes, you will be very close to him. Reminder, don ever step into his room without knocking, okay. ”

She warned yet again, and Everly nodded.

”Okay. ” She smiled as she grabbed her suitcase and made her way to the seventh room.

She pushed the door open and stepped inside, only to almost choke on her saliva.

”Whoaaaa! ” she exclaimed, not expecting her room to look so luxurious.

”Oh, my words. ” She walked towards the bed and jumped into it.

Her eyes fluttered at its softness, and she smiled widely, but her smile, however slowly it faded, faded when she spotted a girl, around the age of nineteen, standing by the door and looking at her.

Her face immediately switched into a confused one, and she slowly dropped her bag.

She walked up to the door, and the young girl with very deep blue eyes stared into her eyeballs.

”Who…are you? ” She asked, uneasy because of her deep stare, and the young girl gaped at her without saying anything.

”Are you my brothers caregiver? ” After a few moments of silence, the girl inquired, and Everly caught off guard, furiously fluttered her eyes.

”Uh…y-yes. I am. ” She replied, and a darkened expression immediately emerged on the girls face.

”A short warning. If you ever hurt my brother, I will make your life a living hell. ”

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