I Have The Power Of Artifacts

Diamond Sutra - [ Chapter - 4 ]

Sin-ui chuckled and started thinking of any good reason how he got stronger that quickly and after a bit of thinking he said, ”I got the hang of using my ability. ” and ot was actually a believable excuse.

Since many people who thought they had a weak ability just underestimated it and there are a few rankers and high rankers that were once looked down on with a weak ability so it wasn out of the ordinary to happen again.

And then Cho said, ”Well it looks like we might have to battle each other in this event, please go easy on me. ”, Sin-ui chuckled and then said, ”I should be the one saying that. ”, Chos ability was insanely strong.

Her ability was that she could control all the elements and she trained with this ability when she was small, she was one of the few people born as awakened and so she had her whole childhood to train with her ability.

So using her ability is like breathing for her because she was born with it and while they were talking there was an announcement saying, ”The Second Round is beginning! Please prepare for the next round! ”.

When Cho heard this she had to go back to her waiting room now and so she said goodbye to Sin-ui and now he had to wait by himself again but it was a bit faster than before since there were now less participants.

And after just a bit of waiting it was his turn again and he was fighting a girl who had an explosion ability and she was known for being high ranked in the practical exams during school.

It also looked like she still didn believe that Sin-ui was stronger than before and said, ”I don know what you did but no one can get stronger that fast. ” and then she suddenly appeared in front of Sin-ui.

She used her explosion ability as a movement skill which required her actions to be precise so it was insanely hard to do and then she said, ”It won matter that you got stronger, I know Im stro- ”.

Sin-ui interrupted her and did a round house kick right into her face and she went flying to the other side of the arena and then she chuckled and spit some blood and said, ”Cheap shot attacking me when Im talking. ”.

But Sin-ui didn answer his eyes were white again and he wasn responding any more and now he was running towards her at an insane speed which even surprised her and so she blasted herself upward.

It was a smart move because now she created distance between Sin-ui who could only use his physical body as his weapon but unknown to them Sin-ui already got the ability blink which hasn happened yet at that time.

Now Sin-ui was above her and then he stomped on her arms as she tried to block his attack but was just pushed down getting loads of damaged done to her and she coughed up a lot more blood.

Sin-ui then used blink again and then did a right hook into her face then a left and then kicked her right in her stomach and she was pushed back and now was unconscious and he won the second round.

So now he was resting in the waiting room as he added more preasure to the other people with him because he still came out perfectly fine with just a few scratches because the explosions had an area effect.

Cho wasn able to visit him because of her battle and during her battle it was already the third round for Sin-ui and so he went in and started fighting and this continued like this for a while.

He defeated his opponent in the fourth round, fifth round, sixth round, seventh round and he was able to do it with just a few scratches and his body was now getting more used to fighting and could keep up with jis previous lifes instincts.

The next round was the final round and there were going to be five winners from all the ten arenas and they would be able to receive high and prestigious rewards from the school but unfortunately for Sin-ui.

His opponent was Cho and only one of them could win and so the moment he entered the arena he said, ”Don hate me when you lose kay? ”, Cho chuckled and said, ”Well thats if I lose. ” and then Sin-ui started charging in.

Cho then started controlling the wind so she could move at a fast speed and then when they got near each other Cho immediately tried to start the fight with a ranged area of attack so that there would be some distance.

She did this because she knew that Sin-ui only had physcial abilities and as from what she saw he only knew how to fight with his body but like before Sin-ui used his blink to get near to her.

Then Cho said, ”Your too predictable Sin-ui. ” and then blasted a strong flame at Sin-ui but then after the fire disappeared Sin-ui was still there unhurt and then it said, ”Im not real, sorry Cho. ”.

Sin-ui suddenly appeared from above crashing down hitting Cho to the ground as she was floating above by controlling the wind under her and then she was heavily damaged and then she got up.

After getting up she asked, ”When did you get an illusion ability? ”, Sin-ui then said, ”I just got it. ” even though he got it in his previous life after taking the special ability of a projector and then Sin-ui charged in again.

So then Sin-ui activated another ability called ”Improved Muscles ” which he got after getting the special ability of a huge weight and then he charged at Cho at incredible speed which was even faster than before.

Cho saw that he was moving at a faster speed than before so she brought out some vines from the ground to try and stop Sin-ui as she gathered some stone bullets from the ground to attack him.

But Sin-ui used blink to get through the vines but Cho already gathered enough bullets and started firing them at Sin-ui but he used blink again and then did a round house kick to Chos body and she was sent flying.

She was now bleeding a lot more and then Sin-ui used blink again and was about to punch her but then she said, ”I give up! Man you were really about to hit this beautiful face without and hesitation, huh? ”.

Sin-ui stopped himself but then stumbled hitting Cho and then he said, ”Sorry, I was moving to fast to stop myself there. ” then both of them started laughing as Cho smiled and said, ”Its okay. ”.

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