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Akashic Records - [ Chapter - 5 ]

So then both of them stood up as they went back inside and now they just had to wait for the other participants to finish their battles and Sin-ui would be awarded his rewards for being one of the five champions of the ranked battles.

Sin-ui and Cho were just chatting together as they waited for the victors of each battle be announced and after they were all announced they could now go to their podiums and get their rewards.

After waiting for a while they were finally announced and Sin-ui can go up and get his reward now and so he said to Cho before he left, ”Im sorry again for stealing your chance of getting the rewards. ”.

But before he fully left Cho smiled then said, ”Your the one who needed that win the most, I have talent and hardships while you only have hardships, I can definitely get the rewards if I work harder, so don feel bad! ”.

She said as she cheered for Sin-ui to get going already and so there was another ceremony for the five champions and they were each given an ability orb and five skill cards of their choosing.

And they would also get a scholarship to the best awakened college, however Sin-ui already knew what he needed to get since he always pondered that question if he was able to choose an ability and skills.

So after the ceremony they were brought to a place where they could choose and Sin-ui ran in before them acting amazed trying to not get any suspicion to him thay he already knew what he wanted.

The ability he wanted was the best appraisal skill ”Seers Eye ” which would be the best appraisal skill ever in the world which had only three ability orbs ever seen in the entire world so he was going to it slowly.

But then an ability caught his eye it was called, ”Diamond Sutra ” it was F rank

, no one wanted to choose it because the system has never been wrong at ranking something but his ability was telling him otherwise.

Then Sin-ui went closer to it and he felt like he had to get it and then asked, ”I would like to have this one! ”, all of them laughed at his choice because it said it was an F rank ability but he still insisted.

So then someone helped Sin-ui put it out and he learned the ability using mana, the people watching were surprised because none of the students have been taught to learn how to learn the ability using mana.

As soon as he learned it, his mind felt like he was falling and then everything turned grey and time stopped moving Sin-ui was immediately confused and started to see if it happened everywhere and it did.

[Ding! Diamond Sutra is being embedded to the player!]

When Sin-ui heard that he was surprised to see it was a system panel since he only knew two systems in the world ”System Tower ” which was represented by the color blue and ”Akashic Records ” which was represented by the color orange.

But this one was green unlike the two systems he knew about and so he now knew he definitely made the right choice of picking this ability and he tried to figure out what it does but then time started moving again.

He wasn able to figure it out but he was sad and he sighed looking down but when he looked up again a green circle started to appear in his right eye and it was now showing information about things.

It was showing Sin-ui their whole history of the person and it also showed him what would happen to a person today as well but he still wasn sure it was real and so he watched someone since a predicted event was about to happen to them.

Then he started shouting, ”Aha! this is the ability I want. ” and the event said, ”Person Will Find Suited Ability ” which was amazing and it even showed what would happen in the next five minutes.

Sin-ui then tried checking his future and then saw he was going to go look for Akashic Records later and he would find it later and Sin-ui wanted to test if the predicted fates were permanent.

So it said that he was going to brush his teeth at night and he decided that he won do that and the predicted fate disappeared and then he smiled and realized he could change any bad thing that would happen to him.

But then he was told he had to get out now so he tried turning off the system and it disappeared except for a weaker version where it would predict the future he was now just seeing a hologram of what was the next move of anything.

Then after that he went out and when he did he saw ten people waiting for him at the door and one of them was about to put their hands out and grab him on the shoulders but the hologram showed he was going to do that.

And so Sin-ui dodged it before the mans arm moved and then the man grabbed onto nothing and he kept on walking trying to ignore them and so he used blink to try and get away quickly but it was only good for short distance movement.

So they quickly caught up and he couldn use it a lot since it used quite a bunch of his mana and so he quickly just tried to get home and he tried to hide himself as best as possible so he activated Diamond Sutra again.

He was able to dodge any time he was going to be seen by a person before they were even there, the system was really good at him not getting caught and after a while Sin-ui saw in the prediction panel he wasn going to get caught anymore.

Thanks to this he was able to just run home quickly dodging any thing that might get him caught and he was finally able to get to his house and only his mom was there and she said, ”Sin-ui, your home, what do you want to eat? ”.

Sin-ui then said, ”Whatever your cooking, Mom! ” he said this as he was running up to his room and then after going into his room he let out an exhausted sigh and then started thinking of what he was going to do.

Because he was going to start looking for the Akashic Records later but it didn say what he was going to do before then so he didn need to worry about thinking for looking for the Akashic Records for a while but then he received a message in his phone.

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