Mob Hires

3. Murders


-Look stupid, either you tell me where those guys are hiding or you go to the other neighborhood.

I don know anything, miss.

– Are you going to tell me that you don know who Im talking about?

-No, I have no idea.

– Adriano, the knife.

-Miss, I don think…

– I said the knife.

With that he handed me the knife and I put it to his neck. This one began to tremble more than he was doing a couple of seconds ago, but he wasn going to let him laugh in my face, because his voice had been heard inside, laughing with them.

-Please don kill me.

-That depends on what you tell me.

-I don know what you
e talking about.

-You were there with them and you laughed at all of us every time they came to **** us, so don tell me you don know what Im talking about.

-That can be… nobody got out of there alive.

-Surprise. Now tell me where the hell they are and I won kill you.

-They went to Russia, they were about to get caught and they left. But I have heard that soon they will return to Italy to close an arms smuggling business.

– With who?

-I do not know.

– Do you know when theyll be back?

-In a couple of days.

-Thank you very much for your cooperation.

– I can go?

-Of course, Adriano, you know what you have to do.

– Didn I say…?

-I think I just told you something.


I was fed up, I don know what problem I had with killing this boy, after all, its what he did in my fathers mafia. Before leaving the warehouse, I took the gun out of his pants and without turning around, I shot him between the eyebrows. I couldn leave witnesses that he was looking for them, much less for them to go talk to the police, it was something I couldn afford.

-For the next one, you will go behind the person. Now, put on your gloves and get that bullet out of it. We must not leave any traces. And make sure you don leave any evidence.

-Yes, Miss.

With that I left the warehouse and got in the car to go home, since I would have to go to eat in no time, but I also remember that Alison would be leaving school in a short time, so I would take advantage of the moment to go for she. Alison was the only good thing other than Megan that happened to me in there. She was my daughter, and as much as I hated it, she was the daughter of one of those bastards that I would take care of in no time.

Along the way I was thinking about who those guys would smuggle weapons with. He only hoped it wasn Francesco, because then he would have to screw up his business and he didn want to. When I got to school, I got out of the car and went to the entrance to wait for her to come out of the compound, which doesn take long to do, and as soon as she sees me I can see her eyes light up more than usual.

– Mommy!!!!

-Hello princess, how was your day?

-Great, but I thought you had class and that Adriano would come looking for me.

-Adriano was busy and I had to come get me princess.

– And aunt Megan?

-She will be waiting for us at home to eat.

-Mommy, can I ask you a question?

-Sure, whats up?

– Do you think you can play with me this afternoon?

-Of course, now lets go home before Grandma calls us to scold us for not coming home.

I picked her up in her arms and carried her to the car. Once there I put her in the back of her, put her seatbelt on her, and then went to the drivers seat. Along the way, Alison told me how her day had gone. These were the moments that I liked the most and in which she was the calmest, to tell the truth.

Once we got to the house, Analissa was waiting at the door and it didn take long for Alison to run over to hug her. The older one said something to the girl and she entered the house.

– How come you went after Alison at school? Where is Adrian?

-Adriano had an issue to attend to and I didn feel like staying until the last hour at the university. Besides, I wasn going to let Alison stay here alone.

-That would be fixed if you had called me to go get her. You know I have no problem. Also, its not good for you to skip college now that you
e about to finish your degree.

-I know mom, but I haven spent time with my daughter in a long time, and I don plan on losing my daughters growth. And don worry about her career, I don have a problem with her.

-You should worry about the degree too.

-And I do, but the most important thing is my daughter, mom, everything else goes after her.

-You are a great mother.

-Im actually a shitty mother…

-Don say that, you do everything possible to give her everything she needs from her and you
e with her practically all afternoon…

-In the last few weeks, I haven .

-Thats because you
e busy, but if not, you
e always with her, and you should know that she adores you. By the way, your father wants you to go to the office. Your sister must already be there.

– Has she arrived yet?

-Yes, your father wants to talk to you. It seems like something important.

-Then I better go, I want to spend the afternoon with Alison.

-Okay, I won bother you anymore. When you
e done, come downstairs to eat.

-We will, can you go with Alison?

-Sure, see you.

-I love you mom.

-Me too

With that I headed towards my fathers office which was upstairs. I didn even hit anymore, because I know very well that they were waiting for me and I never hit, it was a hobby that I had picked up from dad and that he was trying to stop Alison from **ing.

-Hi darling.

-Hello dad, you already have me here.

-It took you a little longer than usual to arrive.

-Don believe me, I arrived early.

– Did you go after Alison?

Yes, but I don think I need to tell you.

-No, it is not necessary.

– What is that you wanted to tell us?

-Well, Ive heard that you
e missing a lot of college.

– So what? What matters is that we are getting good grades anyway.

-Im not saying it because of that, I already know that.

– Then why do you say that?

-Because Ive heard some things that I don like at all.

– The fact that?

e welcome, thats not what I wanted to talk about.

-Then what?

-To tell you that both you and your mother and your daughter are going to go on a trip for a month.

– One month?

-Yes, for one month.

e finishing our careers dad, we can afford to leave like that.

-Don worry about it, its already solved. You can take the exams online.

– What excuse did you put for them to let us do it?

-That your father is very sick and that he needs to travel to another country to be able to get better and a couple of million in donations help.

– And you won come?

-No, I have to take care of an important business.

– What important business?

-Opening several restaurants in other countries is something urgent that I have been postponing for a few months.

– And you can not delay one more?

-No the truth is no.

– So when are we going on that trip?

– Tomorrow morning early. Alison finished school around then, and I thought Id send you guys to that amusement park she wants to go to so badly.

– To Disneyland?

It was the last place she expected to go. I hated that place with all my might after the club we were in for ten years, and now he comes and tells me we
e going there? This couldn be happening to me, not to me.

-Right there, but don worry, youll be there for a couple of days.

-Dad, if you want I can help you with that.

-No, it is not necessary. Maybe Ill meet up with you in a couple of weeks.

– Will you promise me?

-I promise you.

-You better, now lets go down to eat.

-Ok, lets go.

With that we got up from our chairs and went to the dining room where both Alison and Analissa were already.

– Mommy!!!!

-Hello Princess.

– And you won greet me?

-Hi Aunt.

-Hello princess, how was your day at the nursery?

-Well, we were playing hide-and-seek almost all recess.

-That sounds like fun.

-Yes, do you play with me and mommy later?

-Yes, but before playing Ill have to talk to your mother for a moment.

– About what?

-Of one thing, do not be impatient.

Well, stop arguing and eat.

-Princess, go say hello to grandpa.

Saying that, the girl runs in the direction of her grandfather who had sat at the head of the table and I took advantage of that moment to turn around and see Megan.

– What do you want to talk about?

She didn say anything to me, she just mouthed a word that she would understand anywhere, ”Russians ”. With that she could already give me a slight idea of ​​what she was talking about, and apparently she was not the only one who was looking for those bastards, but Megan was also behind them. Not that I much liked the idea of ​​her looking for them, but if I can help it, she can help it very much either.

– Okay, but tell me everything.

-That would take a long time and if Ali wants to play hide and seek with us, I can assure you that we will spend the whole afternoon playing.

-Okay, then its better that we talk once everyone is asleep.

-Okay, in exchange you will also tell me everything you know.

-I will do it.

– You better, Ale.

-Girls, time to eat.

-Lets go.

We laughed and went to the table. Despite being twenty-five and twenty-two years old, Analissa always treated us like children, but I must admit that it didn bother me at all, in fact, I liked that she told me since I never had a mother as such, and I know that Megan thought the same that I. We were very lucky that she found us and both she and Francesco welcomed us as her daughters, it was something I would be grateful for all my life. She adored them. They were my parents and there was no one who could change it.

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