Mob Hires

5. Disneyland


By this time Ale and I were walking out the back door to head to the place where the employees were sleeping. We hid a couple of times to avoid being seen by Dads guards and it didn take long for us to reach Adrianos room. We entered without firing and the first thing he does as soon as we enter the room is point a gun at us, but Ale and I didn take long to take one out and point it at him.

-You should know its wrong to point a gun at your bosss daughters.

-Dangelo ladies, what are you doing here?

-And you say that he is good at what he does?

-Being an asshole doesn take away from him being good at what he does.

-I hope so, because I assure you that I don want to end up doing the dirty work of two people.

-That will all depend on Adriano. Get up we have to go.

– As ordered.

-In less than five minutes I want you with the car in the usual place.

With that we left and as soon as we left the house I couldn help but laugh. I know this is Ales way of protecting herself, but the look on her face on Adrianos face was hilarious and I couldn help but laugh.

– Do you want to stop laughing? The guards will listen to you and if you want to find out what is going on, you better stop doing it.

-Okay, okay, Im sorry. Do you think Adriano will arrive in less than five minutes?

-Obviously hell arrive in less than five minutes, he better.

-Youve got him scared.

-For them to respect us we have to scare, it is the price that must be paid for being women.

-I know, shit.


Just then a car appears in front of us and Adriano quickly gets out to open the door for us. We get into the car and we don speak for about fifteen minutes, which is when the car stops in an open space with a kind of warehouse where I assume the guy is. We walk into the warehouse and all you see is a guy with his hands tied behind his back sitting on a chair.

-Well, you must suppose why you are here Lucas.

-I don know anything, miss, as I told his, whatever it is, I don know anything.

-My sources say otherwise, so…

-His sources are wrong.

-My sources are not wrong, they better not be wrong because it will not end well.

-It will be better that you tell him what you want to know, because if not this will not be nice to see.

-You won get your hands dirty, thats why you bring the lackey.

– Do you really think I need a lackey to do anything?

-Of course, thats how his father, the Titano di Ferro, got used to them.

This guy surprised me, first he plays the one who is scared and doesn know anything about playing the cock, but that was bad for him, we knew how to defend ourselves alone without the need for lackeys as he called them, but what surprised me the most was that he knew that we were the daughters of the Titano di Ferro, it didn bother me that he knew.

-We are not one of those.

-Oh, now little Megan has to come out and defend you.

-I don need Megan to defend me.

-I can assure you of that.

-I remember that Alexandra who cried whenever they gave her some pleasure. You were an annoying child and you have become a woman that everyone fears except me, because I know how you really are.

– And how am I supposed to be?

-A person who is afraid of everything that has to hide behind the skirts of his father. The one who cries for everything that happens to her and she resents everyone for how much fun we gave you when you were with Dimitri. Come on, I can believe you forgot all the pleasure Ive given you.

e the one who didn speak…

-I thought youd forgotten about me.

-You know where they are.

-Oh, of course I know dear, but that information has a price.

– Are you trying to do business with me with your so-called friends?

-Make no mistake, I may have spent a lot of time at his house when you were there, but we are nothing more than partners.

”And you would betray them for anything, wouldn you? ”

-For the fair price of course I would.

– And what would be the fair price?

-That you sleep with me one more time.

I could see the chill he gave Ale and I know he wouldn do that for the hell of it. Apparently, that was one of her guys who had raped her being in that hell, but Im surprised when I see her approach that guy.

-Deal, but before you give me the information and you will be tied.

-I like the part of being tied, but Im not going to give you the information before you sleep with me, I know the reputation you have on the street at this very moment.

He came closer and sat on her lap making the man devour her with his eyes, he was practically undressing her and I don want this to happen, not in front of my eyes, because I know she doesn want it, she can want it .

-Hey, no…

– Adriano, get her out of here.

But miss…

-Take it out, I told you.

-As you order.

-Don even think about Adriano, because then the one who kills you is me.

”Im sorry Miss Dangelo, Im just following orders.

With that she grabbed my arms and pulled me out of the room, but we stayed out of it. In this moment I was angry because Ale was doing something stupid and I wasn going to let her do it to get information. And I was scared that this was going to happen again. I don know what they had done to Ale in there, but what Im sure of is that she had a worse time than I did, and Im not going to allow anything or anyone to hurt her, shes my sister and before they will have to step over my corpse to do the minimum damage.

-Let me go or I swear Ill kill you right here.

”Im sorry Miss Dangelo, but I can do that.

-Of course you can and you
e going to let me do it, because Im not joking when I tell you Ill kill you.

At that moment we hear a scream and before this useless can stop me I enter the room to find Ale standing with a knife in his hand and blood.

This is for raping me years ago.

e a bitch like all the others. Its lucky that you and the girl escaped from there, but I can assure you that they
e looking for you, mainly because they want the girl. Apparently one of them is her father, they made the rest of us use condoms.

-You are a bastard, and now you will go straight to hell where everyone else is, thanks for the information anyway.

With that, she plunges the knife into her chest and twists it once she is inside of it, killing him. I can see the tears in her eyes and that she is holding them back. In all these years she hadn seen Alexandra cry, at least not since Francesco and Analissa, but this asshole had to remind her of everything she already remembered by herself.

-Adriano… I want you to put this guy in a box with stones and throw him in the middle of the Mediterranean.

– Understood maam.

-Take care of cleaning the knife well.

And nothing more, she turned and left the warehouse. I did not hesitate to follow her and when I find her, I see that she is hyperventilating, so I approach her and hug her, but she tries to get rid of her, so I guess she is involved in some cloudy thinking, it happens to us sometimes .

-Don worry… its me… nothing is going to happen to you… that guy is dead…

We stayed like that for half an hour until she calmed down and separated from me. He could see that she was still wrong, and even though he didn want to make her feel bad, he wanted to know what was going on inside of her.

-Ale, what happened in there?

-None of your business.

-Of course he is!!!!, just look how you are and then tell me hes not.

-Its my life Megan.

-Your life but you didn have to do what you did to get the information.

– As I told you, my life. In case you are interested, it is dad who is making a deal with the Russians to finish them off, but the Russians are arming themselves and they have more mafias to defeat dad, so dad wants us away from here because a war is coming.

-We have to tell dad.

– Dad already knows. Now Im going home.

-Im with you.

We got in the car and headed home. The whole way was silent and I know that Alexandra was not well. I wanted to help her get through the moment, but Im pretty sure she won let me. She always did the same thing. As soon as I got home, Ale got out of the car with a slam of the door and quickly went into the house, leaving me alone.

-Put your hands up or Ill shoot.

-You would do very badly shooting me, but go ahead, do it, you won even blink.

– Miss Dangelo?

-Bingo, now go do your **ing job and leave me alone because hes being a shit at night.

I entered the house and as soon as I opened the door I found my father sitting on the sofa in the living room with a glass of wine in his hand.

-I thought you hadn come with your sister.

-Yes I did, now if youll excuse me Im tired. Im going to sleep.

-You stay here until I tell you that you can go.

He had never spoken to me like that. That was the tone she used in business or when she was making deals, and I don like her using that tone with me at all. I am very grateful to him and Analissa, but I will not let anyone talk to me like that.

e not going to tell me what to do, Im not a little girl anymore.

Megan, please. I just want to talk with you. I saw that your sister came in upset and locked herself in the room.

-She doesn want to talk about it, so I have no idea whats wrong with her.

-You were both in the same place, so youll know what happened to him.

-I don know what you
e talking about.

Come on, Im not stupid. I know everything you were doing this time.

-Really dad, I don know what you
e talking about.

-Well, if this is how it goes, then Ill tell you in advance that I don want this life for you. You are good girls and you must not interfere in this world.

-Well, its too late dad, because we
e already involved.

– Couldn you wait at least a little longer?

e tired of waiting dad, you don understand all the shit we had to go through, especially Ale. She is already bad and with that I am sure that she will turn the page.

– Someday you will tell us what happened in there?

-You won want to know, believe me and Im not going to remember everything again just to tell you it to you It already comes to me that it comes to my memory every time I go to sleep.

-If you talked to psychologists…

-The psychologists are not better than them. They devour us with their eyes and if they don do that, they give us advice that they don even follow, so no, we won talk to anyone.

Im sorry for everything you had to go through, you didn deserve it.

-Neither I nor anyone else, but it touched us, all because our parents sold us to get heroin. Now if youll excuse me, Im going to see how Ale is doing, because since you know everything we do when we
e not at home, I hope you at least know that we
e not going to stop doing it no matter how much you tell us you don want us in the world that you have been in for years.

-I tell you from experience, I don want anything to happen to you, and you have to keep in mind that you have a girl in charge.

-We will not allow anything to happen to Alison, that I can assure you.

With that I went upstairs leaving my father alone drinking the wine and I went to Ales room, but he wasn there, so I go to Alisons room, where I find her, sitting on the bed of the girl with an arm around her shoulders. The little girl moved to settle on her mothers legs and Ale was looking out the window.

-If you
e going to stand there, its better that you leave.

I went into the room and closed the door very carefully so as not to wake up little Alison. I walked to the other side of the girl and sat down next to her. At this moment I was worried about Ale, but what she had said the most about the Russians, that they were looking for her daughter.

– Did you know that Alison was the daughter of one of those bastards?


– Why do not you tell me before?

-Because its not worth it. It may be that she put the sperm, but its nothing. Alison is my daughter and no one elses.

– Do you think what the guy said is true?

-Im sure. But they
e wrong if they think Im going to let them get to Alison.

We won let them get close to her. You shouldn worry about that, but we have to make sure we get trustworthy people to take care of her, now less than ever we can leave her alone.

-And I will not do it.

-We won . We have to talk about one thing.

-If what worries you is that I slept with that guy, you
e wrong. Not in a thousand years would I do that.

-It wasn that, but then, how did you get the information?

-Making him believe that she would sleep with him. Every guy I know as soon as you sit on his lap and rub against his cock, they think they have achieved the goal of us sleeping with them.

-Thats true, I just hope not everyone is like that.

-I hope the same, but if its not about that, what did you want to talk about?

– Dad knows.

-I imagined.

– Did you imagine it and didn say anything?

-Dad has eyes everywhere, did you really think that he wouldn know that we were hunting those guys?

-I hoped not.

-In dads world everything is known. Everyone has eyes everywhere.

– Shit, lets go.

-Exactly, and even above we have to make this **ing trip to the **ing Disneyland.

-You never told me why you hate Disneyland.

-Because thats where they separated me from my aunt.

-You never told me the story of how they took you.

-My aunt realized that my parents were taking drugs and decided to take me out of the house and take me to live with her, and those days can be said to have been the best in my life. One day she decided to take me and my cousin to Disneyland, and thats where they took me. Its not nice to realize that your parents sold you for a couple of grams of heroin, at least from my mother, from my father Im not so sure.

-And you don want to go there.

”I don even want to step on it, but Alison can wait to go there and Im not going to ruin her dream because of what she went through years ago. ”

-If you want to stay at the hotel she would understand. I can go out with Analissa and Alison while you stay at the hotel.

-It won be necessary, Ill have to face that once.

– It doesn have to be now.

-I know, but I will. All I want is to see Alison happy, that will help.

-I hope so, but if at that moment she decides otherwise or you have a bad time, tell me and Ill help you, Im not going to leave you.

-Thanks Megan, I appreciate it.

-You would do the same for me, we are sisters, after all.

-Sisters to the end.

-Sisters to the end. I love you Ale.

-I love you too Megan, now I think you should go to sleep. In two hours the plane will leave and I don want you to go to sleep in the corners.

– I can stay here?

-You can do it on the condition that you don wake up Alison.

-Shes a heavy sleeper like her aunt, so I doubt shes going to wake up.

e right, I doubt shes going to wake up.

-You try to sleep for a while, she will do you good.

-Ill try. Rest.

-You rest too.

I knew Ale wasn going to sleep tonight, but at least I hope she tried. Whenever she was with Alison she relaxed enough that she was in a better mood, calmer and everything. All the happiness that she had at this moment Alexandra was Alison, and if there is one thing that is clear to me, it is that she was not going to let anything happen to her daughter and I would not let her lose her happiness because of some unhappy people, so I promised myself that I would do what Whatever it takes to protect my niece and sister, no matter what it takes.

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