The South Ace

Chapter 2 - The Arrogant Ace of The South

”Target on sight. ” Nigel already has his eyes on his target, seeing it through the scope of his sniper rifle.

The target was the baron of Cardillac, Baron Allan Guishmierre. It was requested by a recent client to kill this certain man, for the reason that the baron had killed the beloved daughter of the client because she refused to sleep with him. And the assassination of the baron will be rewarded by ten thousand pounds.

Nigel snickered as he recalled the conversation of his boss and the client as he watch them. The client was filled with rage and despair, and it was a clear decision for him to kill off the baron to get his revenge. ”I want that man shot straight on the head, on the day of their banquet celabrating the barons birthday! ”

A man that is fueled by revenge, nothing else can interest Nigel more than that. ”Our dear client, I hope this service is satisfactory. ” A sinister smile appeared on Nigels face as he pulled the trigger. The sound made by his sniper rifle have not been noticed much, but it has caused a greater commotion outside as its bullet has reached its target.

”Target successfully killed. ” He finished.

People that have gathered around the baron began to panic when he became a corpse in an instant. Who could have guessed that the banquet celebration for the barons birthday will turn out this way? Certainly no one does.

Though there are people out there that sighed and mumble. ”Just another day at the southern lands. ” It was not new for the people in the southern lands to witness crime and murder. The southern lands is well known as the land of crime and evil after all.

As Nigel is done with his job, he quickly retreats to report to his boss.

”Baron Guishmierre is dead. ” Those were the first words Nigel spoke as he arrive at their lair.

”Well done, you truly are the south Ace for assassinating a noble without causing a problem to our organization. ” He was praised by the boss yet again, increasing Nigels arrogance and boldness. ”Of course. Who else can get the job done flawlessly! ” Nigel chuckled. The young man is always so proud of himself.

”Alright, as for our dear client, I believe he has approximately eight hours left to complete the payment. His failure to comply with the agreement will cost more than his money, you know what to do with that Nigel. ”

”Yes, I know. ” It can be read in the contract where the Client must pay half of the agreed amount before the assassin proceeds to kill the target, and the rest of the amount must be paid after the death of the target or within the given amount of time, not surpassing the deadline. Once the client fails to comply, then he/she shall also be targeted and die.

”In the meantime, Im going to make the report about our progress this week and send it later when our client fulfill his side of the agreement. Behave yourself while Im gone Nigel. ” Said his boss.

”Yes, yes… do as you please. ” The young man lays down and gets to close his eyes, but before the boss leaves Nigel alone, he grabbed one of the knives displayed on the wall to throw at Nigel. Luckily, with Nigels fast sense and reflex, he was able to dodge. ”Hmm. Maybe some other day. ” His boss chuckled.

”You wish, old man! ” Nigel snickers.

Then hours kept passing by. The incomplete transaction is putting the clients life at stake. ”Dear, why must we run away? Please tell me the reason. ” The clients wife is getting scared by her husbands behavior. The poor man looks anxious while packing up their things and stuffing everything on their carriage.

”Shut it woman! Just do as I say! ” He even hit his wife because she was eating up his patience. ”…we must hurry, or else theyll… ” he can admit to his wife that he hired an assassin to kill the murderer of their daughter. And it was truly unfortunate that he can pay the full bill, half of the agreed amount is actually their whole life savings.

”Theres nothing left! Nothing… ” he cried looking at his emptied wallet. ”…we must get away before he comes, so quit asking me questions and do as I say! ” He yelled at his wife.

And a few minutes left until the given deadline. Nigel was already hiding at the attic of their client, waiting for the time to come before he kills the client. ”The countdown begins, you have thirty seconds left dear client… ” Nigel mumbled.

30, 29, 28, 27, 26…

The client was almost done putting all their stuff in the carriage.

…25, 24, 23, 22, 21…

The clients wife boards the carriage, still confused with whats going on.

…20, 19, 18, 17, 16…

”Please dear, tell me what is happening exactly? ” The wife asked again. The client still can admit to his wife the truth, so he closed the carriage door on her.

…15, 14, 13, 12, 11…

Nigel moves out of the house and approached the clients carriage.

…10, 9, 8, 7, 6…

The client was all good to go, he grabs the rope attached to the horses and signaled it to move.

…5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

”W-Who are you!? ” The wife panicked as Nigel boarded the carriage without the client noticing them. ”Me? That doesn matter to someone like you. ” He said, pulling out his revolver and shot the woman dead.

The carriage stopped when the client heard the gunshot. ”Mary!? ” He checked on his wife and his body instantly turned cold when he saw Nigel inside the carriage with the corpse of his wife.

Nigel point the revolver to the client this time, and told him a few words. ”A fool who can afford revenge is a coward that can afford to live. Goodbye dear client. ”


The corpse of the client fell on the ground. Before Nigel retreats, he takes the dead mans head as proof that he killed the client.

Total earnings for the mission: 5,000/10,000 pounds.

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